The Marvels of Vitamin C

Where can you start with the marvels that Vitamin C has to offer? There is a plethora of research supporting the many benefits it has on our skin.

1)  It is a very strong anti-oxidant whereby it protects the cell and reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS).

2)  It has the ability to re-energise “used” Vitamin E back to its original form.

3)  It is critical for synthesis and correct structure of all collagen proteins (without Vitamin C, collagen is malformed and diseases like Scurvy occurs).

4) Preserves existing collagen from enzymatic destruction by matrix-metalloproteinases (MMPs).

5) Naturally lightens skin and thus reduces hyper-pigmentation.

6) Anti-inflammatory properties.

The Soul 20% Vitamin C Serum, our first and favourite, is a carefully formulated nutrient rich Vitamin C serum used to boost anyone’s skin. It contains approximately 20% pure vitamin C plus Vitamin C in forms of natural extracts of Kakadu Plum (identified as the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C). The benefit of the natural extracts is that they contain natural stabilising compounds, meaning that we can raise the Vitamin C concentration (above 20%) and not compromise The Soul’s shelf life.
The Soul cleverly contains Green Tea Extract and Natural Vitamin E in its formulation. Considering that Vitamin C can rejuvenate Vitamin E (point 2), the benefits of Vitamin E could potentially double.  As a premium product and The Soul of our range, this serum is not complete without Hyaluronic Acid – a premium moisturiser and Beta-glucan – a strong anti-inflammatory.


For Salons: Any facial treatment can benefit from The Soul 20% Vitamin C Serum before a mask. The Soul is designed to be easily incorporated into any mircodermabrasion treatment or for use with oxygen machines. In fact, studies have proven greater penetration of Vitamin C absorption when the stratum corneum is disrupted by exfoliation – makes sense with the hydrophilic nature of Vitamin C.





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