Why use a Cleanser?

Why use a Cleanser?

 You have probably always been advised to wash your face; which has been very good advice. Considering our environment is full of dirt, pollution, bacteria, viruses, plus the natural secretions of oil our sebaceous glands produce, dead skin cells shredded daily and there is the possibility you wear pore clogging make-up.

 So do you really want to apply make-up on top of all of this or sleep with this on your skin. An artist never uses a dirty canvas.

 There are many benefits to cleansing your skin. It helps keep your skin looking youthful. Prevents blockages in your pores, helping to reduce acne. Your moisturiser will be more effective. Reduces skin blotches, redness and irritation, itchy skin can cause broken skin, therefore risk of infection.

 When choosing a cleanser you need to take into consideration your skin type. This is best done with a professional such as, a Beauty Therapist. A common mistake made, is people with oily skin tend to believe they need to remove this oil and use harsh means of cleansing. This actually has the opposite effect as the surface of the skin drys out, oil glands work harder to produce more oil. The skin has a natural protective layer of oil and sweat secreted by the glands called the Acid Mantle which helps to maintain your protective pH balance. Using harsh cleansers such as soap will strip this protective layer; leaving your skin vulnerable to sensitivity and infection. This also dries the skin out, leaving the skin prone to wrinkles. Avoid cleansers with artificial colouring’s and fragrances as these ingredients can irritate and cause acneic conditions, sensitivity and redness.

 To keep your skin looking and feeling healthy it is important to use the correct cleanser. After all, none of us want dull and dirty skin with lines or break outs.

 Some of these conditions can’t be avoided totally, but they can certainly be reduced with the correct skin care; starting with a cleanser that is gentle on your skin. So make an appointment to see your Beauty Therapist and get put on the right cleansing routine.

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